Parish Announcements – Week of May 19, 2019

1. Year (2) Virtus Training will be available to all clergy, ministers and volunteers who completed the first training, Protecting God’s Children. Those who completed the first training may register for the next live session in our parish on Monday, May 20, at 6:30PM in the upper parish hall. This session is open to 75 participants. Attendees must check in no later than 6:15PM. To ensure your seat for the Year (2) Training, you must register online at 

2. Our parish community rejoices in celebrating the momentous occasion of the 50th Sacerdotal Anniversary of Fr. Fran Hezel. All are invited to the Mass of Thanksgiving on Saturday, June 8, at 10:00AM in the upper church, immediately followed by a luncheon at the Nikko Hotel. Donation for the luncheon is $50 per person. Proceeds will benefit the Divine Mercy—St. John Paul II Chapel in Astumbo. Tickets may be purchased in the parish of-fice. 

3. Kusinan Santa Barbara is scheduled for Thursday, May 23, at 5:00P.M. at Guma San Jose. For more infor-mation contact Beau Salas at 632-5659. 

4. Archbishop Michael Byrnes will be conferring the Sacrament of Confirmation in our parish on Sunday, June 2. Mass will be celebrated at 4:30PM instead of 5:00PM on that day. 

5. Our pastor, Fr. Dan Bien, extends his heartfelt gratitude to everyone who answered the call to “repaint.” To date, parishioners have donated $21,035.00 for this cause. Fr. Dan encourages everyone to make a donation to continue this ongoing project. Si Yu’us Ma’ase.