Weekly Presiders Schedule

Pope’s Prayer Intentions

February 2019
For a generous welcome of the victims of human trafficking, of enforced prostitution, and of violence.

In Memoriam: +Jose Francisco Guerrero; +Jose E. Gutierrez, Jr.; +All Faithful Departed

February 15 — Friday
6am: Fr. Dan Bien
9am: Fr. Dan Bien (SBCS Mass)
11:30am: Fr. Michael Jucutan
7pm: Fr. Fran Hezel

February 16 — Saturday
6am: Fr. Michael Jucutan
5pm: Fr. Fran Hezel
7pm: Fr. Michael JucutaN 

February 17 — Sunday
6am: Fr. Dan Bien (Chamorro Mass) 
8am: Fr. Dan Bien 
9am: Fr. Michael Jucutan (Astumbo) 
10am: Fr. Fran Hezel 
12pm: Fr. Val Rodriguez (Filipino Mass) 
2pm: Fr. Fran Hezel (Chuukese Mass) 
5pm: Fr. Fran Hezel (Youth Mass) 
7pm: Fr. Michael Jucutan 

February 18 — Monday 
6am: Fr. Michael Jucutan 
6pm: Fr. Fran Hezel 

February 19 — Tuesday 
6am: Fr. Francesco Asproni 
11:30am: Fr. Fran Hezel 
6pm: Fr. Michael Jucutan 

February 20 — Wednesday 
6am: Fr. Dan Bien 
6pm: Fr. Fran Hezel 

February 21 — Thursday 
6am: Fr. Fran Hezel 
6pm: Fr. Dan Bien 

February 22 — Friday 
6am: Fr. Michael Jucutan 
11:30am: Fr. Dan Bien 
7pm: Fr. Fran Hezel 

February 23 — Saturday 
6am: Fr. Dan Bien 
5pm: Fr. Michael Jucutan 
7pm: Fr. Fran Hezel