Weekly Presiders Schedule

Pope’s Prayer Intentions—September 2019

That politicians, scientists and economists work together to protect the world’s seas and oceans.

In Memoriam: +Raymond Toves; +Lolita Lasaten; +All Faithful Departed

September 29 — Sunday

6am: Fr. Michael Jucutan
8am: Fr. Dan Bien
9am: Fr. Fran Hezel (Astumbo)
10am: Fr. Dan Bien
12pm: Fr. Dan Trajano
2pm: Fr. Michael Jucutan
5pm: Fr. Dan Bien (Youth Mass)
7pm: Fr. Fran Hezel
***All Masses in English every last Sunday of the month.

September 30 — Monday
(M) Saint Jerome (Priest, Doctor of the Church)

6am: Fr. Fran Hezel
6pm: Fr. Michael Jucutan
Reading: Zec 8:1-8 Gospel: Lk 9:46-50

October 1 — Tuesday
(M) Saint Therese of the Child Jesus (Virgin, Doctor of the Church)

6am: Fr. Dan Bien
11:30am: Fr. Fran Hezel
6pm: Fr. Michael Jucutan
Reading: Zec 8:20-23 Gospel: Lk 9:51-56

October 2 — Wednesday
(M) The Holy Guardian Angels

6am: Fr. Michael Jucutan
6pm: Fr. Dan Bien Reading: Neh 2:1-8 Gospel: Mt 18:1-5, 10

October 3 — Thursday

6am: Fr. Dan Bien
6pm: Fr. Fran Hezel

Reading: Neh 8:1-4a, 5-6, 7b-12 Gospel: Lk 10:1-12

October 4 — Friday (First Friday)

(M) Saint Francis of Assisi

6am: Fr. Fran Hezel
11:30am: Fr. Michael Jucutan
6pm: Holy Hour (Adoration and Confession)
7pm: Fr. Dan Bien Reading: Bar 1:15-22 Gospel: Lk 10:13-16

October 5 — Saturday

(m) Blessed Francis Xavier Seelos (Priest)
6am: Fr. Michael Jucutan
Reading: Bar 4:5-12, 27-29 Gospel: Lk 10:17-24

Saturday (Sunday Mass) 5pm: Fr. Dan Bien