Weekly Presiders Schedule

Pope’s Prayer IntentionS

October 2018 
That consecrated religious men and women may bestir themselves, and be present among the poor, the marginalized, and those who have no voice. 

In Memoriam: +Eribert (Ebet) Sapida; +Hideo Mereb; +All Faithful Departed 

October 14 — Sunday 
6am: Fr. Dan Bien (Chamorro Mass) 
8am: Fr. Michael Jucutan 
9am: Fr. Joel de los Reyes (Astumbo) 
10am: Fr. Dan Bien 
12pm: Fr. Dan Trajano (Filipino Mass) 
2pm: Fr. Fran Hezel (Chuukese Mass) 
5pm: Fr. Michael Jucutan 
7pm: Fr. Michael Jucutan 

October 15 — Monday 
6am: Fr. Fran Hezel 
6pm: Fr. Michael Jucutan 

October 16 — Tuesday 
6am: Fr. Dan Bien 
11:30am: Fr. Fran Hezel 
6pm: Fr. Michael Jucutan 

October 17 — Wednesday 
6am: Fr. Dan Bien 
6pm: Fr. Fran Hezel 

October 18 — Thursday 
6am: Fr. Fran Hezel 
6pm:Fr. Michael Jucutan 
Baptism Instruction: Dn. Hernandez 

October 19 — Friday 
6am: Fr. Michael Jucutan 
11:30am: Fr. Michael Jucutan 
6pm: Fr. Dan Bien 

October 20 — Saturday 
6am: Fr. Michael Jucutan 
5pm: Fr. Fran Hezel 
7pm: Fr. Dan Bien