Weekly Presiders Schedule

Pope’s Prayer Intentions

August 2018 

That any far-reaching decisions of econo-mists and politicians may protect the family as one of the treasures of humanity. 

In Memoriam: +Elmer Dan L. Palas; +Donato Ga-gaoin; +Thell Balecha; +All Faithful Departed


August 12 — Sunday
6am: Fr. Dan Bien (Chamorro Mass) 
8am: Fr. Dan Bien
9am: Fr. Michael Jucutan (Astumbo) 
10am: Fr. Dan Bien
12pm: Fr. Dan Trajano (Filipino Mass) 
2pm: Fr. Michael Jucutan (Chuukese Mass) 
5pm: Fr. Francesco Asproni
7pm: Fr. Michael Jucutan 

August 13 — Monday
6am: Fr. Michael Jucutan
6pm: Fr. Francesco Asproni 

August 14 — Tuesday
6am: Fr. Dan Bien
11:30am: Fr. Fran Hezel
6pm: Fr. Michael Jucutan 

August 15 — Wednesday
6am: Fr. Dan Bien
6pm: Fr. Francesco Asproni 

August 16 — Thursday
6am: Fr. Francesco Asproni
6pm:Fr. Michael Jucutan
Baptism Instruction: Dn. Hernandez 

August 17 — Friday
6am: Fr. Fran Hezel
11:30am: Fr. Michael Jucutan
6pm: Fr. Dan Bien 

August 18 — Saturday
6am: Fr. Michael Jucutan
5pm: Fr. Fran Hezel
7pm: Fr. Francesco Asproni